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Even the most secretive under-the-table deals cannot fool the discerning eyes of Chinese netizens. The investigative report on Wang Linqing's case by the Political and Legal Affairs Committee has become the biggest laughingstock on social media. The loopholes are so numerous and the logic so twisted that people are even more skeptical that the authorities are trying to conceal the insidious cronyism among the powerful. Officials who are rumored to be implicated include at least Zhao Leji, Li Zhanshu, Zhou Qiang, and Wang Qishan, but rumors have not been able to clearly point out their roles in the matter.

Part of the reason this case has received so much attention is because of the whistle-blower, Cui Yongyuan, a famous former host of CCTV who has a large following in China and abroad. He used to be a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The video circulated today documents a friendly conversation between Cui and Wang Qishan. Is Cui's action tacitly supported by Wang? On the surface, it seems to be in line with Wang’s dissatisfaction with his successor, Zhao Leji. However, the power struggle at the highest level of CCP leadership is never so explicit. Cui Yongyuan says that his action has secured the backing of "the very powerful". What he is actually referring to is the vague notion of "the people", not a specific individual or group of individuals in power. This is a trick Cui pulls. He is an expert in using language that piques curiosity and excitement without crossing the lines.

Cui seems to have a personal vendetta against the director Feng Xiaogang and the actress Fan Bingbing, which is why he waged a public war against the two for tax evasion. This has made quite a splash and has won Cui the support of many: Cui allegedly has more than 20 million fans on social media now. However, after his name has been singled out in the investigative report for Wang Linqing's case, few people actually roots for him or shows solidarity with him. We don't know what Cui's motive is, but it takes tremendous courage to challenge the Chinese Supreme Court. China needs more people who dare to challenge the authorities. Netizens are counting on Cui Yongyuan to fight back and win in a dramatic turnaround. However, Cui has been quiet on social media for a while. No one seems to know if Cui still has his personal freedom.

Some Chinese are still closely following the unfolding of the events in Venezuela. They are every bit as passionate and hopeful as with the previous color revolutions or the Jasmine Revolution. However, they seem to have forgotten that those revolutions were short-lived successes. The key goals of the revolutions have failed to be delivered, while endemic social unrest persists. Some even hope that the US will support Chinese opposition leaders just like Guaido. But ideology is just one of the reasons why the Trump administration is heavily involved in Venezuelan affairs. Strategic considerations in Latin America are more important: American’s backyard cannot be lost, a lesson the US learned the hard way when last year, three Taipei allies in Latin America switched recognition to Beijing without even notifying the US envoys.

Among all countries, there’s no clear line separating the camp backing Maduro and the camp backing Guaido. Even countries like Russia and China hesitate to support Maduro wholeheartedly. Although the US sees China and Russia as strategic adversaries, Trump still aspires to befriend both Xi and Putin. Now he might want to bring Kim Jong-un into the club. If Maduro’s dictatorial regime deserves condemnation, what about Kim Jong-un’s? Why does Trump have to deal a heavy blow to Maduro, but is eager to extend the olive branch to Kim?


最严密的黑箱作业,也逃不过网友们的火眼金睛。中共政法委对王林清的调查报告,成了这几天社交媒体上最大的笑料:漏洞百出,彼此矛盾。 人们更加怀疑,中共掩盖的是权贵们强大的交易网。网上出现的涉入官员至少包括赵乐际、栗战书、周强、王岐山,但是没有能清晰地指出来,他们各自真实的角色。

推动了这个案件受到如此多关注的是崔永元,这位前央视的主持人受到很多人追捧,即使他曾经是全国政协委员。 今天流传的视频录下了崔与王岐山亲热的对话,如果说他的举报行为得到了王的支持,似乎符合王对继任者赵乐际不满的逻辑。 但是,中共最高层的权力斗争没有这么露骨。崔永元之前说他的举报得到强大的后台支持,其实是泛指“人民”。这是崔在中国能够著名的高超技巧,使用一些可以给人想像又安全的语言。


现在还不知道崔出于什么目的举报了中国最高法院,但是这种行为无论如何都是需要勇气的。中国的文明化,最缺的便是敢于挑战公权力的人。 网友们寄望于崔永元能绝地反击,然而,没有人知道崔现在还有没有自由。

还有一些中国人在关注委内瑞拉,他们的热情如同对之前的颜色革命、茉莉花革命。只是,他们鲜少提及,那些国家革命之后,不少地方陷入更糟糕的境地。 他们期待的是中国产生巨变,只要是中共被赶下台,付出代价也是可以的。他们期待着,川普能够象支持瓜伊多一样支持中国异议分子,希望“委内瑞拉的今天,就是中国的明天”。

几十年来,中国不少学者便提醒中国不要南美化。但那更多是从经济意义上,现在政治上也可能吗? 意识形态只是川普团队强力介入委内瑞拉事务的一个理由,利益和面子也是动力:后院不能失守。去年,有三个南美国家很晚才通报美国:他们放弃台北而取悦北京。 不过,即使是中俄,也未必是那么认真地支持马杜罗。习近平、普京与川普可能是这世界上最想友好的三个男人,甚至他们都想将政治小弟金正恩带进圈子。 马杜罗最不堪,比金正恩如何?为什么川普反而要对马杜罗下重手,却笑面迎向金正恩?



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